Decorate Your Walls With Travel Art Prints

Have you ever travelled to a foreign country?

Were you fascinated with the stunning Cathedrals, seashore, and other places of interest to the tourist? Are you aware that you can purchase travel art prints of those places and decorate your walls with them? Prints to decorate the walls could be anything from flowers in the background to a replica of famous tourist spots or even replicas of famous paintings. What about having the famous Hogwarts Castle of the Harry Potter series on one of the walls of your kid's bedroom? You can be sure that they will conjure up stories of Harry Potter and his friends each time they look at the wall. If you want to have a replica of one of the paintings by Rembrandt, the famous Dutch painter, that you saw in the museum, hanging on a frame in your living room, all you have to do is purchase an art print of it.

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What is an art print?

An art print consists of a printed reproduction of an original work of art. It is possible to print art prints on a variety of different print materials and employing a number of different printing methods. The final price of the art print is dependent on these factors, which includes the quantity made available for printing. Expect to pay a higher price for a print reproduced in limited quantities. The quality of the print including the colour, saturation, and hue also determines the price of the prints.

What to check before purchasing such a print

Ensure that the art paper used for the print is free of lignin and acid. This makes sure that the print will not fade over time. The GSM (a measure of the thickness of the paper, commonly known as grams per square meter) also determines the cost of the print. Always opt for a print that has a greater GSM, as it will not crease during the framing process.

Different printing methods

Although silkscreen printing offers the best results, manufacturers of art prints also depend on digital printing for the process. Professional and reputed printers use textured watercolour paper, since the same is well suited for the printing and reproduction of works of art.

Different kinds of prints

As every savvy collector should know, one can avail of different kinds of prints in today's market. Some of the popular printing methods include giclee, mezzotints, aquatints, drypoints, linocuts, silkscreen, woodcuts, and etchings. How about adding the Eiffel Tower in your bedroom wall?